Your Career Success Is Up To You

Do you want a job or a career? When you have a job you get up and go to work, perform whatever duties are required of you and collect a paycheck. Many people who have jobs do so because they have to, not because they want to.

When you have a job that pays you enough to cover your bills it is very hard to quit it. Many times our jobs means we have a J.O.B.(just over broke) position and although we work 40 plus hours a week we never seem to get by. This makes us slaves to our positions and keep us from looking to have something better. A job can keep you trapped in a position that is very hard to get away from.

A career is something else. It starts with knowing what you want to do each and every day. You prepare for what you will be doing each day by getting a good education. Then once you enter the field you want to work in you actually go to work each day enjoying what you do. You don’t have a job: you have a hobby that you love doing and getting paid for each day.

I know this situation first hand. I have had more jobs than any of my friends. I would take a position, stay a few months and then move on because the jobs became boring, I wasn’t making enough money, etc. I believed that the answer was in finding the right “job”. What I found is when you pursue a career in an industry you want to be in, you can create the opportunity that will allow you to flourish at your work space.

Let me offer a few suggestions about pursuing a career;

1) Be true to yourself – know who you are, what you want and why you want it.

2) Do what you love, the money will follow – don’t chase dollar bills. Refuse to work strictly for pay. Instead tap into your passion. Find out what you are willing to do for free and let money be the side benefit.

People who have great careers tend to love what they do. When you are in that category you smile every day and become very grateful for the position you have.

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